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We are delighted that you are looking to buy raw milk from us. We know just how good raw milk can be for a wide range dietary and health issues and below are some useful links to relevant topics.


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Relatively few people buy and drink raw cows' milk, and in England and Wales they choose to do so regardless of the clear health warning about the risks associated with consumption (a label on the container or a notice displayed at a farm catering establishment stating 'This milk has not been heat treated and may therefore contain organisms harmful to health'). There is also thought to be some, limited, consumption of raw milk from other species (goats, sheep, and buffalo).


The number of registered raw cows' drinking milk producers in England and Wales has fallen from around 570 in 1997 to 102 in 2009. Raw cows' drinking milk represents only a very small fraction of total milk consumption, estimated to be of the order of 0.01% of cows' milk consumption. There are no known sales in Northern Ireland, and sales in Scotland have been banned since 1983.


Current controls: England and Wales


The current controls on the sale of raw cows' drinking milk in hygiene and food labelling regulations are:


a) the milk may only be sold direct to consumers by registered milk production holdings (at the farm gate or in a farmhouse catering operation) or through milk roundsmen. Sales through other outlets have been banned since 1985 (although sales by the farmer at farmers markets are allowed);


b) the supplying animals must be from a herd that is officially tuberculosis free, and either brucellosis free or officially brucellosis free;


c) the production holding, milking premises and dairy, must comply with hygiene rules;


d) the milk must bear the appropriate health warning;


e) compliance with a) to d) above is monitored by inspections twice a year; and


f) the milk is sampled and tested quarterly under the control of the Agency to monitor compliance with standards for total bacterial count and coliforms.


The main guidance on the sale and consumption of raw cows milk can be found on the Food Standards Agency website of which we provide an extract below:

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