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You can not only just buy raw milk from us; Carpenters Hill Farm also produces a range of 100% British Home Reared Beef and Pork. All products are carefully packaged and labelled and kept chilled and frozen using our own facilities.


Prime cuts of fillet, sirloin, rump and rib as well as cheaper cuts of braising and mince are available as well as burgers and roasting joints. Our Hereford beef cattle are pasture fed and home bred.



A range of flavoured sausages and pork burgers, dry cured bacon and gammon steaks and joints as well as pork chops, diced shoulder, ribs, tenderloin and roasting joints are available from our happy group of grunting pigs.



Our lamb is not reared at Carpenters Hill Farm but instead bought in from a local farmer. We provide chops, roasting joints, mince, lamb and mint burgers.


Free Range Eggs

We also sell delicious free range eggs laid by our small flock of happy chickens. These roam freely around the farm and fields during the day (truly "Free Range").

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